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Monday, July 10, 2006

Introduction to a Debt Collection Lawyer

I am an attorney living and practicing in Memphis, Tennessee. I have devoted a substantial amount of my practice to debt collection. While I have clients in virtually every business sector, I have two large blocks of clients in the area of commercial construction and health care providers. I file an average of 250 debt collection lawsuits per month. I utilize up the minute technology to track and monitor a large volume of cases while minimizing required manpower. I utilize an automated case management system which intergrates with a collection accounting software program to allow me immediate access to specific information regarding each and every suit.

I am starting this blog because in an attempt to always gain every advantage possible, I have scoured the internet and have not found a single collection attorney offering up the benefit of his experience. I have found literally thousands of sites either selling or giving away free advice on how to thwart the collection attorney, but no sites offering the other side of the coin. And so, I start this humble blog to aid my fellow collection attorneys, educate creditors and even to provide some unbiased and truthful advice to debtors. I hope you find something of use in the posts to come.