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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Coming Soon

Well, the poll is still churning along, but the current leader is a seed change to information on how to beat your debt. I'll continue to cater to the leader while the poll runs and then make up my mind after I see the final results. With that in mind, I've been thinking of some future offerings. I will shortly be posting a series on how to beat old medical bills and at least one installment on how to save your credit when faced with foreclosure. Check back to see how those turn out.


Anonymous said...

great blog... Love you balanced content. I sent you an e mail for consideration.

thepowerful said...

I agree. I'm a litigation collector and am always looking for the edge. I do enjoy your articles and even though the poll is over, I hope you keep this blog more towards the collector's perspective. There are so many blogs and forumS out there for the debtor, teaching them how to avoid paying their debt to us "evil" collectors. Your blog is quite refreshing. - Eric

Anonymous said...

If you have a debt that happened in Texas and years have passed and it is no longer on your credit report, what happens when you move to a state that allows credit card garnishments? Also, what if it is a joint account that you had with a now ex spouse? (The ex spouse is still in Texas and you are in another state.)The divorce decree states who gets to pay what. Divorce has been final for 8 years.

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