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Friday, August 17, 2007

Poll Result

Well the poll closed the results are as clear as a Florida election count. Less than 10% separates the two options. Clearly there was no decisive victor. With this feedback in hand, I will endeavour to tract both courses as equally as possible and thus try to satisfy everyone.

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Elect No Incumbants said...


First time visitor. Thank You! I went through a rough break up and divorce 9 years ago. I was a good credit risk with full time work, house 2 new cars, 3 kids and a dog. Typical American family living in the burbs. Well, I was left with the house/mortgage, car and payment, kids 70% of the time. Oh and a gap in employment insurance coverage started a nasty ball rolling. My oldest had her appendix removed to the tune of $10,789 within 2 weeks of full insurance coverage. First time with a gap in 12 years. State of Minnesota came in and applied their coverage since there was a gap. Well 9 months later, they claimed I made enough money according to state averages for the professional category I was in. I was at ground level and working as an independent contractor as a real estate appraiser. So I made about 1/3 of what they said I made. The burden of proof on my end was monumental with my plate loaded as much as it was. So I took it in the shorts and buckled down to their numbers. Well many scenarios have played out similar to that since then and have never been able to get caught up. So time has passed, some have been paid off some haven't. But last Wednesday my dad calls me and says that a collector is looking for me. I called them back to find out it's about a checking account that has been closed for 5 years and 4 months. The just bought it from U S Bank directly in June. They have been relentless by calling him several times a day and accusing him of being me. Sharing debt amounts with him, asking his social security number etc. I have spoken to them and told them I will (and have since contacted U S Bank) deal directly with the bank. This morning, 1 week later, my dad calls me again and had to hang up 4 times on them. Once they figured out he wasn't me. This is the first I have heard of this collection. I closed the account with a zero balance. Opened another account with that same bank since the closing of that account.

I guess I had to tell this story in part to shed some light on what people who have been good risks in the past and have fallen on to tough times go through. My daughter at 9 years old was yelled at by the Ford Motor Credit Co. collector when I was 45 days late. I have had threats of going to employers and people knock on doors and neighbor doors.

The reason I'm thanking you is because you had some information for me to use to educate me about how to deal with the harassment I am now getting. I have never had credit card balances that were abused. No balance ever over $2500. No credit cards at all in the past 7 years. And now as far as I can tell an error with a 5 year old account.

Don't give it up. There are some of us that want to make good on what they have done in the past. But I can't do it all at once.

Thank You