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Friday, August 10, 2007

How To Beat An Old Credit Card Debt: Part Two

The second best weapon to defeat a suit based upon an old credit card debt is CROSS EXAMINATION. The majority of collection suits filed by second or third hand debt buyers are based upon a sworn affidavit. That is an affidavit from someone who works for the debt buyer that says they are familiar with the books and records and your account and that you owe x number of dollars. If no one shows up on the day the matter is set in court, that document is sufficient to allow the debt collector to take a judgment. However, in all courts, you as the defendant have a Constitutional right to cross examination of the party testifying against your interests. And you cannot cross examine a piece of paper. What that means is that the company suing you has to produce a real live breathing witness who can truthfully and accurately testify about your account and be subject to being cross examined by you. Most credit card debt purchasers deal in a volume business and have no interest in going to the expense of making such a witness available in your jurisdiction. Many judges, however, will gloss over your right to cross examination unless you clearly assert that right and demand the opportunity. Your ability to actually cross examine is not as important as forcing the debt collector's hand in producing a live witness.

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