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Monday, August 02, 2010

You've Been Served With A Lawsuit, How To Fight Back

Once you've been served with a lawsuit, usually through a court summons, you need to realize that the situation is serious and dangerous, but not hopeless. A lawsuit means you have entered a world with time deadlines that cannot be ignored or missed whether you know them or not, rules that govern what you file, how it can be filed and what a judge can see and hear and that those rules apply whether you know them or not, a language that is completely foreign to you but in which your opponent and the judge are perfectly fluent (legalese is not english) and face an outcome which could effect the direction and quality of your life for years to come. When I say that, I realize it may sound completely hopeless. It is not! You can defend yourself! You can win! You can actually be the agressor! The first step is evaluation of the summons. You have to determine if the debt is actually yours, how old is the debt, when did you default (quit paying), what is the applicable statute of limitations, what defenses are available to you, what is the best course of action to take with regard to this particular debt. Second, you need to respond to the summons and complaint by filing either an Answer or Defenses or a Motion to Dismiss based upon a defense. The third step and the step where you can become the active agressor is discovery. In discovery you can serve the other side with written questions (Interrogatories), written document demands (Request for Production of Documents) and facts for them to admit or deny (Requests for Admissions). The answers to your discovery can be used to defeat a debt collection lawsuit or simply make it go away. Forms, instructions and explanations for all of these documents and more are included for only $19.99 in my new ebook:

How to Beat a Credit Card Debt Lawsuit with the Secrets of a Real Debt Collection Lawyer

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Anonymous said...

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Paul Sneeds said...

This is an outstanding resource and an incredible value! I was being sued by debt collectors and couldn't afford the thousands of dollars a lawyer would cost. This book is written in easy to understand plain English and clearly explains all of the ins and outs of the legal process for fighting a debt collection lawsuit. There are no scams or pie in the sky fake answers, just the real advice of a lawyer. The forms are worth the price of the book and more! They walked me through every step of the process. I would have never been able to defend myself without them. Knowing what I know now, i would have paid ten times the price for this.

Cindy Stuart said...

Awesome book! Exactly what I needed. Forms are priceless!

Anonymous said...

Forms were exactly what I needed and I couldn't find them anywhere else. I'll be surprised if you aren't kicked out of the fraternal order of blood suckers for virtually giving this stuff away!

Anonymous said...

Filed my response using your forms today. Feels good to finally be able to fight back!!

Kayla said...

Great forms and great information. You have really made yourself a top priority for debtors. Thanks for the posts and keep up the hard work.


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Kaloy said...

It's sad that people are issued lawsuit intended to intimidate them, but just to be on the right track, isn't it right that no one goes to jail because of debt? I hope all debt collectors would learn how to do things the right way.